March 2023 | Wolfpack Martial Arts | Kickboxing Edinburgh and Livingston

8th March 2023

On the 14th January Wolfpack hosted the Elijah Everill Seminar in our Livingston location, and what a weekend it was. I picked Elijah up from the airport on Friday morning where we quickly detoured to starbucks before heading to the club.  This time round it was a little different with Elijah offering one to one training on the Friday before the seminar taking place on Saturday; a session for younger kids and another for juniors and adults.  A key part of Elijah’s success is never compromising on his own training and was more than happy to jump into my adults session on the Friday night. Sparring anyone and everyone, there was a real buzz in the room and you could tell everyone was excited to get stuck into the seminar on Saturday. 

There’s a reason why this is our third or fourth seminar with Elijah – not only is he very much the man still working away on the mats but his delivery, timing and execution of the seminar matches the way he fights, energetic perfection.  The kids were hanging off his every word with a great blend of fun and hard work. Everyone got something from it, beginners and seasoned international competitors alike. 

The second session was no different working on a mixture of movement foundation, blitz attacking and scenario based concepts broken down for all to digest.  In both sessions Elijah jumped in to spar with everyone giving everyone the chance to see why he is the best, yet everyone walked away with new knowledge and a smile on their face.

We already can’t wait for him to return in the second half of the year. Thank you mate for another great experience.

Kevin Baldwin
Head Coach