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8th February 2019

Introducing: “Member Spotlight”

This exciting new feature will be a regular occurrence on our blog where we will highlight one member every month, and discuss specific elements of their training here at Wolfpack.

Recently, we spoke to Georgia and found out a little more about her training and specifically some of the classes she attends.

Name: Georgia Campbell
Age: 16
Years of training: 6
Belt: Brown Belt Black Stripe

Q: “So, Georgia you are one of our most regular attendees to our ‪Tuesday night‬ fitness class (7pm) – what is it you enjoy about this class specifically?”

A: “I enjoy Tuesdays as they have been beneficial to my overall fitness, and I like the sort of circuit-based training. I feel like I am suitably challenged each week, and have seen good progress over the past few months as a result.”

Q: “What goals do you have this year looking forward into 2019?”

A: “For my goals this year I would like to work on going forward when sparring, particularly to utilise my blitz more often. In general my goals for this year are focused on continuing to improve my overall fitness and strength, and to work on muscle definition. This year I am also aiming to become a faster runner.”

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Georgia and we look forward to seeing you grow over the next year!