The Junior programme is the last step before entering the Adults Programme. It presents older children with a more mature learning environment, allowing them to learn and grow at their own pace, while ensuring that they become positive role models and community leaders with the confidence gained from our Martial Arts training.

The main aim of the Junior programme is to teach children the wonders of martial arts, in an environment that does not make them feel uncomfortable. Like all our programmes, the Junior programme is kept age specific allowing us to get the best results out of the children whilst teaching them our adult sports karate syllabus.


Exercise is an important part of any child’s growth, our junior kickboxing class will help your child to increase their level of fitness.


Our junior kickboxing class sets your child up ready for the world and will help to boost their confidence as each class progresses.

We realise that many nine year olds for example would possibly feel intimidated or uncomfortable training alongside an adult. The Junior programme is our version of quality control, making sure both adult and children get the most out of their training.

Classes are kept fun and energetic, encouraging children to discover things for themselves, while remaining structured to ensure that every student gets the most out of every single class.

The course is designed for a minimum age of 9 years and they must be able to train in a group environment without parental supervision.We recommend that children attend this programme a minimum of once to twice a week . Regular attendance is crucial for our programmes to have a positive impact.

Junior Kickboxing


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Team Mentality
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